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These links are commonly used in our industry and we thought they may be useful to you as well.  These websites are for reference use only and are not associated with Crescent Appraisal Group, Inc.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of these websites.  Please contact local Government agencies for the most current and accurate information. Some of the sites are a bit slow, but contain extremely useful information. 
*** Updated October 16, 2023***
Louisiana Tax Commission - All Parish Tax Search 
Jefferson Parish - Jefferson Parish's Official Website
    GIS Map - Zoning and Lot Description
     Property Search - Tax Assessor Search 
    Jefferson Parish Municode - Jefferson Parish's Code of Ordinances
         Kenner GIS / Zoning Map
     City of Gretna
       Gretna GIS Zoning Map

Orleans Parish - New Orleans Official Website 

   GIS Mapping Information- Zoning, Lot Description and Tax Data

Orleans Permit Search

    Tax Assessor Search    

St. Tammany Parish - St. Tammany Parish's Official Website

     Property Search - Tax Assessor Search

     Clerk of Court   
     GIS MAP - St. Tammany Parish GIS Map
     Mandeville GIS
     City of Slidell

St. Charles Parish - St. Charles Parish's Official Website
   Tax Assessor

   GIS / Zoning  - GIS Mapping of Zoning & other data

    Clerk of Court - Public Records Search

St. John the Baptist Parish - Official Website

   Tax Assessor  - Parish's Assessor Taxroll Online

   GIS / Zoning Map - GIS Mapping of Parish's Zoning & other data

Plaquemines Parish - Official Website

St. Bernard Parish - Official Website

    St. Bernard Parish Assessor- Parish's Assessor Property Search

    St. Bernard Parish Zoning Map - GIS Zoning Map 
    St. Bernard Clerk of Court - Clerk of Court's office - Property search & other great real estate resources

CostGuides - - A free building cost estimator

Cost to build- - A free building cost estimator

Cost Helper - - A free remodeling cost estimates

FHA Approved Condos List
Census Tract - Census Tract based on 2000 Census

HUD - US Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Appraisal Institute

FHA- HUD's Approved Roster & Information for FHA Appraisers & ASC Appraisal Subcommittee

Louisiana Real Estate Appraiser's Board

New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS

Louisiana REALTORS Association

Louisiana Real Estate Commission

New Orleans Chamber of Commerce

Louisiana Real Estate Appraiser Coalition